Pet portraits are still rare for me to get as commissions because I don’t specifically market for them. Folks seem to have the idea that the pricing for them should be separate and different from any other painting I do. But just like ALL my other commissions, these two were paid for on an hourly basis. They took about the same number of hours, but that doesn’t mean future pet portraits wouldn’t be more or fewer hours.

Anyway, painting a real animal is a welcome break sometimes. There is something really fun about examining what makes that individual animal look like an individual. I especially enjoyed the wispy strands of hair coming off the top of the black dog’s (called Oreo) head.

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  2. nebquerna said: The left one LOOK LIKE MY DOG <3 ;A; Luve you
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    These are gorgeous and have already solidified that I will commission you to draw my dog in the future.
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