I wanted to take a moment to promote the work of one of my good friends, Crystal Carpenter. She and I attended art school together, and I’ve watched her skills as a sculptor bloom in the years we’ve known one another. She sculpts each of these designs using polymer clay, then creates a mold out of silicone and casts each one by hand. The whole operation is in her home ad garage, and she’s taken great care to do it all as perfectly as she can. I’ve chosen the unpainted versions of a couple of her recent pieces just to show you how intricate her sculpting really is. It’s even more impressive in real life when you can hold one in your hands and examine the detail and perfect with your own eyes!

I want Crystal to get more attention than she does so that her business will grow. Not only is she a good friend of mine, but I selfishly want her to sculpt and cast more COOL THINGS so I can own them all! ;)

Please visit her website here - www.WinterSoulStudios.com
And her online store here - Winter Soul Store
Her DeviantArt Page - Soul of Winter on DA
And her Furaffinity page - Winter Soul on FA

I’ve given her cat lights and owl lights pendants to my family for gifts, and I own one myself too. I really can’t wait to get my hands on a blank Demon Dragon cast, I have plans of how to paint it already!

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