I accidentally deleted a bunch of posts (thank you, new glitchy mouse) so I’m reuploading the WIP posts I made of this painting! You can view the final painting on deviantart, linked below.

The Mosaic Tiger

This commission is for the wonderful Christa Kinde, a talented fantasy author with a wild imagination. Since the first commission I’ve done for her ( [link] ), I’ve explored her writing and love what I’ve seen. I encourage you all to read her works so you can find out what these illustrations are about!


This illustration was a lot more of a challenge than I anticipated. Perhaps due to concentrated sections of high detail, like the leafy vines and the spotted stripes on the tiger. The tiger (named Graven) is a complex working of magic stone brought to life by a master of this art. Each “spot” in his stripes represents a single magic stone worked into the overall light grey stone of his body. Though made of stone he feels like a living breathing tiger; muscle, fur, and all! He is pictured here with his friend Tupper, who is a servant to the master sculptor who created Graven.

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    The lighting in this piece is wonderful. I love seeing the artistic process.
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