Commission for Arania, of her werewolf Ambrose and his girl, Angelina!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a piece that just focuses on the characters, it was really nice.  I got a little too sucked into it though, and took longer than planned.  Worth it though!  I have the animated gif and the individual progress shots this time around.  :3

1) Loose gesture sketch, chosen from four I did in the beginning

2) refine sketch using reference and audience feedback (yay livestream).  The sketch is set to multiply so that I can color underneath without it effecting the drawing

3) Flat colors!  Flats go underneath the sketch layer.

4) Changed the background color, but also created the shadow layer.  This layer is above the fats and sketch, and it set to multiply. 

5) Start painting in where the light falls into the shadow layer.

6) add a layer set to overlay and paint in with a medium pal color, to add more dimension to the figures.

7) Another layer set to multiply with some red tones deepens shadows and further rounds things out.  Now the light is the way I want it to look!

8) New layer on top of everything, set to normal.  In this layer, I use the eyedropper tool to choose paint colors, and paint in to refine textures and details. 

9) All done!  After adding in some of the final details, making some adjustments and putting some texture in, the piece is finished.

See the final here at a larger size -

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